Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Welcome to Advizex

Welcome to AdvizexAdvizex provides IT Consulting and Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions(ERP) for clients in Massachusetts (MA), Ohio (OH), Maine (ME), Vermont (VT), Michigan (MI), West Virginia (WV), New Hampshire (NH), Rhode Island (RI), Connecticut (CT), Tennessee (TN), Kentucky (KY), Up-State New York (NY), and Western Pennsylvania (PA).

As a trusted advisor to our clients, the Advizex professional services model is tailored to help our clients achieve their I.T. goals. The goal of the PS organization is to provide support in process consulting, architecture and design, infrastructure implementation and management solutions (system, information and performance management). Advizex can provide your company with an impressive depth of experience, as well as a broad portfolio of products and services:

Collaborative Messaging - Oracle - Microsoft Exchange

Collaborative MessagingAdvizeX provides services in both the Oracle Collaboration Suite and Microsoft Exchange realms to offer clients collaborative electronic communication systems that enhance your organization's overall productivity.

The Microsoft Infrastructure Practice at AdvizeX provides exchange focused solutions for existing IT environments, migration services, performance tuning and high-availability architecture. We have combined our professional expertise in storage and server technology with our valuable experience using Microsoft Exchange to provide a complete suite of collaborative messaging services.

  • Microsoft Exchange "Design" Workshops - experts from Microsoft and hardware vendors work collaboratively with IT decision makers, Exchange and storage architects to review your existing design and incorporate industry best practices with the latest technology advancements for high performance Exchange messaging. This solution reviews Exchange and Active Directory systems, server software and hardware configurations, storage disk layout for Exchange and backup/recovery strategies and provides validation of the Exchange design.

  • Migrations to MS Exchange - clients looking to move to MS Exchange can leverage our expertise to migrate server data, local PSTs and other information into the Exchange database. AdvizeX has performed migrations from Groupwise and Sun messaging platforms to MS Exchange and can help you to make your project a success.

AdvizeX also supports and offers consulting services around the next-generation messaging suite of applications from Oracle known as the Oracle10g Collaboration Suite. The Oracle platform leverages the 10g Enterprise Edition Database and offers a feature-rich suite of applications for Email, Content Services for File Management, Real-Time Web Conferencing and Enterprise Instant Messaging and delivers the suite on multiple operating system platforms.

  • AdvizeX Oracle Collaboration Suite services include design and migration planning, installation and implementation, and upgrade services for those clients currently deployed on the Collaboration Suite 9i platform.

Read more about Collaboration Suite at Oracle.com or download the Butler Group's Report on Collaboration Suite 10g.

If you would like to contact AdvizeX regarding our collaborative messaging solutions or for any other services, click here...